How to prepare the bedding for the wedding Release date:2020-03-11 View count:400

There are a lot of things to prepare for marriage, the wedding room to be decorated beautiful, the wedding bed is the highlight. In order to celebrate, most are big red wedding bed. Several sets of quilts and beds are on the list of purchase.

Quilt optional space quilt, quilt, silk quilt, etc., according to the local weather and temperature to prepare, generally both parents will also prepare some for their children.

Below say a few on the bed set, it is to divide into commonly a sheet, a quilt cover, a pair of pillowcase, this is traditional 4 sets, sometimes still can have cushion for leaning on, hold pillow to wait, the size that sees individual choice and bed will decide. So how do you choose?

Fabric: the fabric that 4 sets choose to make to order commonly is unified, the same cloth pattern makes 4 sets to be put on the bed also good-looking and easy. Small make up the relatives in the home is to do bedding, summed up a few points to pay attention to the selection of fabrics. Want to choose pure cotton fabrics, because it is the article that close-fitting USES, comfortable is the factor that considers primarily; Should see fabrics next whether fade, shrink, can use water to stick to wipe gently on fabrics can try, do not let the businessman see however.

Size: measure the size of your own bed, the size of the quilt, and then go shopping. If you choose to go to the mall to buy finished products, must be optimistic about the size, whether appropriate. It's easier to go to a bedding store and make a four-piece suit. Additional bedsheet does not suggest to choose and bed body same size, should choose a few more big, because of be free in bed body all round saggy come down a few will look better.

Color: big red is first selection, but small make up consider perhaps only a few days before and after getting married can be used, reoccupy red can appear obtrusive, the red cloth with general proposal chooses quality to do a set of marry that day use, the rest should choose elegant suit the color pattern that daily shop USES.