The main fabric of bedding Release date:2020-03-11 View count:363

One, the fabric of bedding

Fabric refers to the fabric used in bedding to make the surface of the finished product. The requirement to fabrics, besides intrinsic quality requirement, still must have very good exterior, the tear strength of face cloth, wear resistance, hygroscopicity, handle should be better, shrinkage rate is controlled in 1 less than, the cloth that colour fastness accords with national standard can be used.

Two, the main fabric characteristics

The fabric that bedding applies has terylene cotton, pure cotton, dacron, fine silk fiber, pure silk, flax and a few mix spin fabrics, all sorts of fabrics have respective characteristic, the price is different also.

Pure cotton: pure cotton feel good, comfortable to use, easy to dye, flower variety variety change rich, soft and warm, hygroscopicity is strong, washable, with little static electricity, bedding widely used material; But easy wrinkle, easy shrinkage, poor elasticity, acid does not withstand alkali, should not be in the high temperature above 100 degrees Celsius for a long time under the treatment, so the best cotton products when ironing spray wet, easy to iron.

Yarn-dyed cotton: yarn-dyed cotton is a kind of pure cotton fabric, is woven with different colors of warp and weft. As a result of first dye after weave, dye permeability is strong, yarn-dyed fastness is better, and the stereo feeling of different color yarn fabric is strong, style is distinctive, the performance in bedding is stripe pattern more. It has the characteristics of pure cotton fabric, but usually the shrinkage rate is greater.

Terylene: generally use 65% polyester, 35% cotton ratio of terylene fabric, terylene is divided into plain and twill two. Plain terylene cotton face thin, strength and wear resistance are very good, the shrinkage rate is very small, made of products not easy to go out of shape, and affordable, durable performance is good, but comfort is not as close as pure cotton. Polyester is not easy to dye, so polyester cotton fabric for light, light color. Twill polyester cotton is usually denser than plain, so it appears dense and thick, shiny surface, feel better than plain.

Real silk: real silk appearance is luxuriant, riches and honour, have natural soft light reach scintillation effect, feel comfortable, intensity is tall, flexibility and hygroscopicity are better than cotton, but easy dirty, the heat resistance to intense sunlight is worse than cotton. Easy to form water stains and difficult to eliminate, silk fabric ironing to pad white cloth.