Founded in 1991, Matrix enterprise group is a professional design, manufacturing, sales, logistics and service as one of the world's top hotel linen suppliers and manufacturers, its own 12,000 square meters of factory buildings, the head office is located in shenzhen, and in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, xiamen and other places opened offices. With the most advanced production equipment in the same industry, Japanese brother brand sewing machine, Japanese brother brand double needle machine, all computer embroidery machine, fold cotton machine, down filling machine, all computer towel loom, jacquard machine, satin machine, all computer tablecloth loom, all computer fabric loom, the actual production capacity of 3000 tons/year.

Fashion texture of the "MATRIX" hotel linen supplies so that each space is full of perfect breath, warm and elegant life style, stimulate the desire for communication and integration of passion, its design contains fashion personality, integration of Chinese and western culture, let you feel the fashion supreme hotel life.

Guest room linen (including bed sheet, bed cover, pillowcase, protective pad, comfort pad, dupont quilt, dupont pillow, down pillow, etc.)

When every detail is carefully selected and hand-made, every corner of the space is full of fresh life. Simple texture, natural characteristics of cotton, dignified and silky light form, emitting a soothing and harmonious atmosphere. Integrating the essence of Chinese and western culture, the product will carry more humanistic quality, and because of its unique fashion texture, will be able to blend with any environment.

Bathroom linen (including bath towel, hand towel, face towel, floor towel, wool mat, bathrobe, kimono bathrobe, slippers, laundry bag, newspaper bag, air duct bag, cable bag, etc.)

The perfect combination of raw materials creates a perfect whole. The long-term focus and enthusiasm of "MATRIX" on the product will lead you to read the product itself seriously and comprehend the life interest. Towel kind changes the weave pattern of diversiform, the bathrobe with rich design will bring different life to enjoy.

Table cloth (including table cloth, mouth cloth, table mat, coasters, table skirt, chair cover, etc.)

Restaurant cloth grass from the color, style, fabric, texture can be produced according to different needs, so that each product can achieve the ideal state of personalized, elegant perfect visual feast.

"MATRIX" is a very good reputation of a senior hotel linen brand, the company after 28 years of development, in the service of four or five-star hotels at home and abroad more than 2000, with accor hotel management group, hyatt hotel management group, marriott hotel management group, intercontinental hotels group, starwood hotel management group, shangri-la hotel management group, Hilton international hotel management group, best western hotel management group, etc all have continuous good cooperation, It is not only the long-term partner of many top hotel management groups in the Asian market, but also the only designated supplier of linen supplies for some important customer groups in China.

The company has been focusing on brand building, regardless of management, product quality, product innovation, service and other aspects are ahead of the same industry, many times won the Chinese and foreign hotel platinum award of China's top ten suppliers and the Chinese hotel platinum award of China's top ten suppliers special honor. We know that product quality and product innovation is the survival of enterprises, so we have been working hard for this!