Comparative analysis of Chinese hotel textile development and developed countries Release date:2020-03-11 View count:449

The development of Chinese hotel textiles has a big gap with foreign countries, because the development of foreign hotel textiles will directly promote the development of home textiles.

There is such a saying often in abroad: carry hotel bed goods home, this shows consumer hopes the bedding of his home also can resemble hotel as comfortable. They believe that to live in a hotel is to enjoy comfort and luxury, because people travel partly with wealthy families and partly with business people. And in China, the development of hotel textile is different from that of foreign countries. According to market research: most families in China have used silk and cotton, down and even large jacquard products, but many families in Europe do not use such high-end supplies. It is worth mentioning that domestic four-star hotel duvet has not yet achieved popularity, large jacquard products are also very few, which also highlighted the development of domestic hotel textiles lagging factors.

The operator of domestic hotel industry and hotel textile industry should learn some successful cases of foreign countries modestly, the domestic hotel textile market needs to rely on the enterprise's own efforts, the media's vigorous promotion, the home textile association's full support and foreign advanced experience to guide the rapid growth.