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Cotton is a natural material

It is often used extensively in our daily life

"Pure cotton" is probably the most fabric we see

Often see these two words, buy time to be at ease

We also because of the moisture absorption of cotton is good, more comfortable

Prefer to use pure cotton products

And the type of cotton is not just pure cotton

There are huge differences between them

Combed cotton

Combed cotton is made from the same material as pure cotton, except that in the production process, the shorter fibers in the cotton fiber are combed with a combing machine and impurities are removed. So it is more smooth and breathable, moisture absorption, and not easy to pilling, more durable.

Combed cotton is softer to the touch and more lustrous than pure cotton. It has less fiber impurities and is more evenly dyed, but it is relatively expensive due to the high cost of the process.

Knitted cotton

Knitted cotton is the fabric formed by knitting cotton thread, it is more elastic, the surface wool feeling is strong, soft and anti-wrinkle, color fastness is high, permeability is close to pure cotton.

But knitted cotton is easy to hem, warp, and dye, so stay away from anything that fades.

Washing cotton

Washable cotton is a kind of fabric that has been pre-washed at high temperature. Its surface is wrinkled and looks old. Its heat preservation is good, tonal and downy, not easy deformation and fade, not easy to shrink, and bring its own lazy texture.

Washable cotton generally comes in two forms -- vegetable cotton and polyester, which are several times more expensive. So look at the ingredient label when you buy.

Long staple cotton

Long staple cotton is named after the raw material, that is, a longer fiber cotton. Compared with general cotton cotton quality is better, its fiber flexibility, permeability, high strength, excellent comfort, in the global cotton production, only 3% can be called long cotton.

Superior quality

1, long staple cotton growth time is longer, at the same time, a lot of heat, in the same thermal conditions, long staple cotton growth period than the general cotton 10-15 days, fiber flexibility, compared with the general cotton quality is more superior.

Although long-staple cotton is 100% cotton, but its various properties are higher than ordinary 100% cotton, it is the key material of domestic high-end textiles.

It feels more comfortable to the touch

2. Touch is crucial to the quality of sleep. The most comfortable degree can be felt in the contact between skin and fabric. Long staple cotton fibers are usually 33-39 mm long and up to 64 mm long. Generally, the longer the length is, the higher the length uniformity is, the less short fleece is, the finer the yarn can be spun, the more uniform the yarn is, the higher the strength is, and the surface is bright and clean, the hair is less, the fabric is more skin-friendly, bringing a comfortable experience.

As shiny as silk

3, long staple cotton fiber is thin and long, the fiber cross section is close to the circle, diffuse ability is strong, its fabric mercerization is good, dyeing effect is better. Long staple cotton is more light and silky than ordinary cotton. Drape feeling good, send out a silk like luster.

Soft personal

4, long staple cotton fabric itself long and thin, fineness and strength than ordinary cotton, better softness. So the woven fabric is soft and comfortable. Long staple cotton lets heat send out quickly, make the sleep of whole night is relaxed and comfortable.

Often wash like new

5. Long-staple cotton fiber has a high strength, 4-5 g/root, and a fracture length of 33-40 km. Cotton fiber and fiber maturity has a close relationship, high strength of the fiber into yarn after the strength is high, wear and durability, wrinkle resistance is good, not easy to pilling, more washable.

Actually these take "cotton" fabrics to have distinguishing feature each

Some are named for their craft

Some are a kind of raw material

When people buy bedding

Can choose according to oneself like, do not confuse ~